Community Shred Day 9-22-18

Community Shred Day 9-22-18

Businesses and Individuals are invited to safely dispose of documents that are too sensitive to throw in the trash or recycle bins through Shred-It’s on site mobile shredding unit located in the north parking lot of Executive Building II at 1881 Dixie Highway, Ft. Wright, Kentucky, from 9:00-11:00am.

From shred paper document services to safely dispose of confidential records, to paper-less cloud based portal, a secure website for delivery of information for us to you as well as for you to us, to secure data center, we make every effort to protect your personal information.

What can you do to protect your identity?

  • Personal Information
  • Cyber Security
  • Social Engineering Attacks

What to do if you think you are a victim?

  • If you might have revealed sensitive information.
  • If your financial accounts may be compromised.

See Rudler PSC e-Tip Protect Your Identity for details. If you have questions or specific scenarios that you would like to discuss, contact our professionals 859-331-1717.