Four Tips Now That Tax Season Is Over

Four Tips Now That Tax Season Is Over

Tax season is officially over. According to the Journal of Accountancy, now is the perfect time for individuals and businesses alike to review finances. Rudler put together a list of tips to help:

1. Take stock of tax refunds, or how much you owed, and consider rethinking how much is being withheld each month. This could lead to a larger tax refund in 2019.

2. Now may also be a good time to reconsider how much is being contributed to retirement funds. Scheduling time to meet with a local accountant to reevaluate retirement plans can help secure an ideal future based on personal or family needs.

3. Take another look into the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Businesses and individual deductions and rules have changed so it’s better to be aware now then surprised next tax season.

4. Finally, take some time to consider the best use for the refund. It can help jump start a 2018 financial plan by being contributed to savings or investments. Be sure to consider all of the options.

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