TMC 2018 Spring Career and Internship Fair

Kendra Cook, TMC Intern, Melanie Smart, CPA, AJ Mangine, CPA

Our Thomas More College Alumni, Melanie Smart, CPA and AJ Mangine, CPA, return for the 2018 Spring Career and Internship Fair on February 7th.

Melanie is our co-op liaison working in conjunction with TMC and local universities in the hiring and placement of students that are a good fit with our firm culture and vision. AJ began his career with us as a co-op, accepting a full time position upon graduation. During his first year, AJ completed the education and experience requirements and was awarded the CPA designation.

We are committed to our co-ops; we want them to learn, gain valuable experience and become long term members of our firm. The afternoon was filled with some good conversation, sound advice and a little fun!

Melanie Smart, CPA
AJ Mangine, CPA