Sam Brown, CPA, Talks About Working Remotely

Q and A on Rudler, PSC, Remote Work Careers

When Sam Brown’s wife had the opportunity to do her medical residency in Maryland, Sam had a decision to make. As a CPA and senior accountant at Rudler, PSC, he enjoyed his job and the firm culture, but a long-distance relationship with his wife and daughters for several years was not an option.

Instead, Rudler developed an arrangement with Sam to work remotely full-time from Maryland. It was the perfect opportunity to put policies and technology in place to support Sam and potentially other employees in the future.

After several months of working remotely, we asked Sam what the change has been like for his career and family.

What has changed and what is the same about working for Rudler now?

There are fewer distractions and therefore I am able to focus on the tasks at hand and be more efficient at my job. At the same time socializing and attending firm events with my co-workers has become more difficult. But with the help of social media, Skype, email and telephones, I am able to stay connected. My work schedule has changed to fit more of my personal schedule, but my work roles and tasks are totally the same. I am also helping the firm pursue a truly paperless workflow firm-wide by testing out the best paperless processes through my work environment.

(When Rudler had its summer team outing to the Cincinnati Zoo, we sent tickets for Sam’s family for the Baltimore Zoo. We also have a “big head” cardboard cut-out of Sam in our office to “include” him in activities.)

How has this option supported your career?

The option to work remotely has allowed me to continue growing in my professional career with Rudler rather than having to start fresh with another firm. It has shown me that Rudler supports me and wants me to be successful, as Rudler was willing to fully develop and consider videoconferencing and other technology for all aspects of a full-time remote employee.

How has Rudler’s remote work option supported your family?

My wife and I are both able to equally pursue our career goals at the same time. Working remotely has also allowed me to always be there for my family and attend all of our daughters’ events and activities while also staying on top of my job.

Do you have tips for other potential remote workers?

Develop a routine and eliminate as many distractions as possible by having a separate work area from other parts of the house. You should also schedule routine check-ins with your mentor and other co-workers to maintain relationships and develop new ones as new staff comes on board.

What would you say to other professionals thinking of applying at Rudler?

Rudler, PSC is a top-notch firm that enables their employees to pursue their goals, showcase their capabilities, and grow and develop in their professional careers. Rudler, PSC also understands that we all have lives outside of work and encourage a work/life balance. This is encouraged by offering flexible schedules, working remotely, and taking time off for family and fun!