Flexible Working Arrangements

Remote work is the newest flexible work arrangement offered at Rudler, PSC. When it is suitable for the individual, position and supervisor, employees can work at home, on the road and even in a satellite location for part of the week or as a longer-term remote work arrangement. Your schedule is designed for mutual benefit to support personal or family life and also Rudler’s focus on quality client service.

Before you begin working remotely, you will receive training on how to do so successfully and the technology available. These trainings are designed to create a remote work experience that supports productivity, communication and data security.

Work-Life Balance at Rudler, PSC

Work/life balance comes in all shapes and sizes at Rudler, PSC. Here are a few examples of how our employees make the most of our remote working and flexible scheduling options:

“It’s amazing to be in a professional setting where I’m respected for my work, and can also attend an afternoon school event for my children.”

—Jane Frances, CPA , Tax Manager

“My wife and I are both able to equally pursue our career goals at the same time. Working remotely has also allowed me to always be there for my family and attend all of our daughters’ events and activities while also staying on top of my job.”

                                    —Sam Brown, CPA, Senior Accountant, Baltimore, MD

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