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The Benefits of Creating Remote Work Options for Employees

Rudler is proud to provide the option to work remotely for employees who live in other cities or states and would like to continue working for the firm.

Jenna Polston, staff accountant at Rudler, started as an intern in 2017. While earning her bachelor’s degree from Northern Kentucky University (NKU), she met her husband, Derick, who worked with Kona Ice. After graduation, he was offered a franchise in Tallahassee, Florida, which he accepted. Jenna stayed in Kentucky to finish school and continue as a staff accountant with Rudler.

After Jenna and Derick married in October 2019, Jenna moved to Tallahassee to be with her husband. While making the decision to move, Jenna was worried about finding a new job and leaving the work, people and culture she enjoys at Rudler.

After discussions with Rudler leadership, she was offered a remote work option, which she was happy to accept. The firm has the technological ability to allow employees to work from anywhere and set Jenna up with a home office.

Now, Jenna gets to stay with the company she loves and the firm gets to keep a valuable employee.

To learn more about Rudler’s remote working arrangements or about available job opportunities with the firm, contact Rebecca Lenihan, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Manager at 859-331-1717.