Peer Review

Exceeding Industry Standards, Year After Year

At Rudler, PSC, we strive for continuous improvement; to help us meet this goal, we conduct annual internal reviews to ensure all professional standards are met. We scrutinize our technical skills, but we also evaluate our client rapport, looking for new opportunities to better serve our clients’ needs.

We also undergo an external peer review every three years to ensure we’re maintaining industry standards of technical competence and ethical practice. We’re proud that we’ve consistently exceeded all industry standards for financial report quality, as evidenced in our most recent Peer Review.

In 2017, for the tenth reporting period in a row over 30 years, we received the highest possible rating as established by standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). We’re proud of our achievement, and we look forward to maintaining that lofty standard for years to come-delivering the best possible service and experience to our clients.