A Message From Our President

When I stepped into the role of Rudler’s President 26 years ago, our office had only a handful of desktop computers and a staff of 27. The many changes I’ve seen over the years make it hard to imagine what new technologies and strategies will shape Rudler in the coming decades, but what remains consistent is we keep innovating and adapting to meet the needs of our clients, employees and environment.

Later this year, our firm is taking its next big step toward the future. On July 1, I’ll be stepping down as Rudler’s President and Alex Weidner, an 11-year veteran of the firm, will take over the reins and lead our daily operations. This news likely doesn’t come as a surprise to those who know me well as I’ve been talking publicly about my plans and the coming transition for more than 18 months. It was always intended to be a planned and structured evolution that will put our firm in the hands of a new generation of leadership.

Though I’ll be passing the day-to-day management of the firm to Alex, I want to be clear that I’m not leaving Rudler. I’ve always said I’ll retire when work stops being fun. I’m still enjoying myself too much to leave. Instead, I plan to spend more time on what I love most—collaborating with my clients. It’s those relationships that have kept me energized throughout my career and I look forward to dedicating more of my focus to them and their businesses.

When I reflect on my 26 years as President, I’m most proud of the overall growth of the firm and the culture we’ve built—a culture that has found a balance between being client centric and making the most of our lives outside of work.

We’ve created a culture that values giving back to our community, which is evident each and every week as our employees leave work to volunteer at food banks, coach teams and serve on boards. We’ve created a culture that celebrates milestones—whether it’s a business award, a passed exam or a new baby. Most importantly, we’ve also created a culture that puts people first and it shows. Today we still have eight employees and 70 business clients who were with us when I stepped into my role in 1992.

I have enormous confidence in Alex and his ability to guide Rudler in the coming years, but it’s important to remember that one person didn’t build this firm and it won’t be just one person to steer it into the future. I’m certain we will continue to innovate and prosper because of the hard work and enthusiasm of our entire team.

I look forward to introducing Alex to many of you in the coming months and to being part of this new chapter in Rudler’s evolution.