A Message From Our New President

A Message From Our New President

I knew that I had joined an unprecedented firm when I walked into Rudler on the first day of my co-op in 2007. Even then, it was evident that Mike’s primary focus was on delivering an exceptional client experience and building a strong internal culture. As a result, we still have eight employees and 70 business clients who have been with the firm since Mike became president.

Since 2007, I have watched Mike lead our office through some significant changes, particularly in technologies and strategies. He has helped shape a culture and team that I believe everyone at Rudler feels proud to be a part of. It’s because of all of this, that I’m incredibly honored that I was chosen to continue moving the firm forward into the future as the newest President of Rudler.

A little over a year ago, Mike came to me with a plan for the future of the firm. While he knew he wasn’t ready to retire, he was ready to hand off the day-to-day tasks of running the business to the next generation. Change can be difficult, but Mike knew establishing a solid transition strategy would secure a seamless evolution for Rudler.

The transition started internally, and very slowly at first. He exposed me to various aspects of the role by allowing me to act as his shadow, which provided me with a first-hand look at what it was like to lead our team. What I learned through this process was that Mike and I have something very important in common. We each strive to embody two of the core values that make up the foundational elements of Rudler: maintaining and building a strong internal culture, and approaching each task with the client’s best interest in mind.

Moving forward, my primary focus as President will be to strengthen Rudler’s unique culture, and evolve the firm to provide more value to clients. Being more deliberate with our culture is vital to our success. When employees feel appreciated and respected, that will translate into their client relationships.

I’m always thinking days, weeks, months, even years into the future about how our decisions today will impact the firm in the future. Many of the changes that have been made recently, and those that will come, provide us with efficiencies to become more engrained in clients’ lives and businesses without losing our identity as a firm. Our first step towards achieving this has already started. We are launching our Client Advisory Services (CAS) department, which will enable us to provide even more value to our clients.

Our story isn’t changing, it’s simply evolving. As we move into the next chapter, faces may change but the firm will remain the same in terms of what our clients and employees have come to expect. I’m very conscious about leading by example because success starts at the top. I’m fully invested in the success of Rudler – this firm feels like an extension of my family. I am privileged to serve as President of Rudler and look forward to working with you all in my new role.