Join Us In Barbados!

Join Us In Barbados!

We are committed to work/life harmony for our professionals, including healthy living. For 2017 we “stepped” up and launched our first annual wellness program!

Our program includes weekly healthy hints such as drink more water and get more sleep backed by water tumblers and Bath & Body Works sleep body lotion. For Healthy Hint #8, be more active, we started the Rudler PSC Goes the Distance Challenge.

From January through October, we will “visit” destinations with a goal of 7,500 steps per day for a total of 100 miles. Gift certificates for athletic gear and healthy foods will be awarded to individuals who meet the challenges. The firm goal is a grand total of 35,795 miles!

We are halfway through our Barbados visit, click on the link below to see how we are doing and the sites we have toured. Then be sure to check back for more healthy hints and destinations!

Rudler PSC Goes the Distance – Barbados